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City of Edgerton yard waste pick ups are coordinated by the Edgeton Public Works Department.  For any yard waste related questions, please contact the Municipal Services Director, Howard Moser,  by calling 608-884-3341.


Burning of leaves, yard waste or garbage is not permitted in the City limits.

Yard Waste Collection

Compost Pile located at the Fassett Cemetery residents can dispose of grass clippings, brush, leaves, garden debris, and ornamental bush trimmings during the limited open hours. These items will not be picked up at curbside. Small limbs and containers are prohibited in the compost site.



April 1-October 31

             Monday    2pm - 6pm

             Thursday  1pm - 5pm

             Saturday   9am - 1pm

November 1-November 30

 Saturday   9am - 11am

NOTE: The brush/compost pile will be closed December through March 

Woodchips and compost are available at the drop off site during operating hours for City residents while supplies last.


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Brush Curbside/Drop Off Site Beginning in April and running until early fall, as weather permits, brush will be picked up at curbside once per month.  Typically this will be the first Tuesday of the month at the discretion of the Public Works Director. Brush should not be placed at the curb more than 72 hours in advance.

Brush can be disposed of at the drop off site located in Fassett Cemetery. Proof of residency is required.​


Restrictions on Curbside Pick Up Limbs and branches should be piled neatly at the curb or bundled or put in garbage cans. Very small loose piles will also be picked up. Limbs and branches should be bundled in bundles no larger than 6 feet in length, 6 inches in diameter and weigh no more than 100 lbs. No roots will be collected at the curb. The City will only pick up reasonable amounts of trimming from trees and shrubs.

Restrictions Drop Off Site . Limbs and branches should be  no larger than 6 feet in length, 6 inches in diameter and weigh no more than 100 lbs. No roots. logs or tree stumps are allowed. The City will only accept trimmings from trees and shrubs.

good brush pile.jpg

Leaf Curbside Pick Up Leaves are to be loosely raked and placed in the street along the curb. Residents on N Main Street and Lord Street should place their leaves in the terrace not the street.  Leaf curbside pickup will begin the week of October 18th and continue until the first significant snowfall, determined by the Municipal Services Director.


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