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Whether a visit to  the local Sterling North Society museum, sampling a bowl of chili at Chilimania, or fishing on one of the largest lakes in Southern Wisconsin interests you, it can be done in Edgerton. Located within the Rock River Basin, four miles from Lake Koshkonong, Edgerton offers a wealth of activities for all ages.


Area Attractions


Rock Tourism...Wisconsin's Front Porch 

Discover Wisconsin

Edgerton Healing Garden


Sterling North Society

Rock River Threshree

Rock River Trail

Edgerton Performing Arts Center

Tri County Community Center 112 Swift St  608-884-9601



Located on the fast growing I-90 corridor amid the rolling countryside of South Central Wisconsin, The City of Edgerton is a thriving community located between Janesville and Madison. Edgerton is dedicated to ensuring a premier municipality for roughly 5,500 residents through its beautiful park system, safe neighborhoods, and quality public services. The City provides a full range of municipal services including Police and Fire protection, Parks, Public Works, Water and Sewer Utilities, Community Development, Library and General Administrative services.


A little piece of History...


Originally called Fulton Station, Edgerton was named after a 19th-century businessman, Elisha W. Edgerton or his brother Benjamin Hyde Edgerton, a civil engineer. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Edgerton was the center of the tobacco industry in southern Wisconsin. At one time, there were as many as 52 tobacco warehouses dotting the streets of Edgerton. Queen Anne style mansions along Edgerton's Washington Street testify to the wealth and prominence some merchants had. This same neighborhood boasts the location of the boyhood home of Sterling North. The home was transformed into a museum set in 1917 when the boy Sterling and his pet raccoon Rascal shared a magical summer.


Moving to Edgerton?

Thinking of making a move to Edgerton? To find out more about housing, social and economic statistics in our community you can visit the U.S. Census Bureau website. For helpful tips on moving to Edgerton, please check out our Resident Guide. Schools are many times an important factor in selecting a community. We have much to be proud of and to celebrate in the School District of Edgerton. Our schools are recognized for their rigorous academic programs, highly trained staff, world class co-curricular and fine arts offerings, state of the art facilities, and strong parental support at every level. To learn more about our schools visit the Edgerton School District website







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