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Animal Licenses

Dogs And Cats


All dogs and cats living in the City must be licensed annually.

License periods run January to December and can be issued up to March 31st without penalty. License applications must be accompanied by the certificate of rabies vaccination and must be acquired at City Hall located at 12 Albion Street.


Rock County Dog Fees:

Not Spayed or Neutered $15.00

Spayed or Neutered $10.00

Dane County Dog Fees:

Not Spayed or Neutered  $21.00

Spayed or Neutered  $16.00

Dane County/Rock County Cat Fees:

Not Spayed or Neutered $15

Spayed or Neutered $10

Late charge of $5.00 per dog or cat is charged on licenses not purchased by March 31st.





1.     No more than 6 chickens on a lot containing a single family dwelling only;

not allowed on residential lots containing 2 or more dwelling units.


2.     Keeping of roosters is prohibited.


3.     Slaughter of chickens is prohibited on site.


4.     The chickens shall be provided with a structurally sound covered enclosure

and an attached fenced enclosure. Chickens must be kept in the covered

enclosure or an attached fenced enclosure at all times.  The enclosures must be

maintained in good repair and kept free from rodents and other vermin. The fence

of the enclosure shall be of sufficient opacity or webbing to contain a chicken.


5.     The covered and the fenced enclosures shall be located in a rear yard only. The covered enclosure shall be a minimum of 25 feet from any residential structure on any adjacent lot.


6.     The total area of the covered and fenced enclosure shall not exceed 75 sq ft except when the rear yard of the    property is fenced in which case the rear yard fence can serve as the fenced enclosure. If the fenced enclosure also serves as a rear yard fence, the rear yard fence shall be 100% opaque. The total area of the covered enclosure shall be a minimum of 4 square feet per chicken. The total area of the fenced enclosure must be a minimum of 6 square feet per chicken The covered enclosure is not considered an accessory structure as defined in 22.304(5)(d).


7.     Chicken's shall not be allowed to be kept within a residential dwelling or garage.


8.     Any electrical work requires an electrical permit through the building inspection department.


9.     A permit is issued prior work commencing on the enclosure and an inspection is complete and the improvements found satisfactory prior to the establishment of the use in accordance with City of Edgerton Code of Ordinances Chapter 29.


10. A $10.00 annual permit fee is required.




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