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Sewer Backups


1.) Call City Hall at 884-3341. Personnel are available between the hours of 8:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. Monday - Friday.  For after hours and weekend service please call the Edgerton Police Department at 884-3321.  Personnel will be paged and respond to your call.

2.) The crew will first check the public sewer main.  If the public main is operating normally, indications are that your private sewer is the cause of the backup.  The crew will immediately attempt to notify the property owner or the resident of this fact.

3.) If the blockage in the private building sewer is the cause of the backup, it is the responsibility of the property owner to clear the blockage. (The private building sewer extends from the interior of your home to the public sewer main located in the street.) There are various private firms listed in the phone book who are equipped to remove the blockage from your private building sewer.  Residents who have experience in these matters may want to investigate renting of equipment to clear the blockage themselves.

4.) In the event that any of these actions are not successful in removing the blockage from the building sewer, it is possible that the building sewer has collapsed.  To verify this the homeowner or resident may have to contact a private firm to televise the building sewer.  If the building sewer has collapsed, it is the responsibility of the homeowner to have the sewer repaired or replaced.



1.) For over fifty years the plumbing code has generally required a back water valve to be included as part of the floor drain system.  This valve is intended to prevent the backup of sewerage into the residence through the floor drain.  Consider checking with your plumber if you have serious backup problems.

2.) Do not dispose of grease into your sink.  Grease buildup is a major contributor to blockages in public and private sewers.  Do not put large amounts of vegetable waste, such as pea pods or tomato skins through the garbage disposal at one time.  Even though these materials will go down the drain they have a tendency to clog easily.

3.) Do not plant trees over the building sewer.  Silver Maple and Willow roots will seek out the wet joints in some sanitary sewers and eventually clog the pipe.










Sewer/Water Emergency?


For a sewer or water emergency after hours or on weeekends, please call


Edgerton Police Department 

(608) 884-3321.

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