Census 2020

As of March 23, Edgerton's response rate for the 2020 Census is near 37% which is better than the rate for either Rock or Dane County and almost 7 percentage points above the State rate so far. This fantastic news! You can track our response rate at https://2020census.gov/en/response-rates


Given the upcoming elections, the national conversation about the distribution of Federal Funds, and our common interest in limiting face to face conversations, it has never been more important to be counted than it is now. Participating in the Census will ensure Wisconsin has its maximum representation in Congress, that our state receives its maximum allocation of billions of dollars in federal funding over the next ten years, and will eliminate the need for Census workers to go door to door to gather your information. 


Completing the Census is easy and quick. You can complete it with or without the invitation that was sent in the mail.  You can go online to my2020census.gov or call 1-800- 923-8282.


Let's continue to set the return rate pace for Rock County and the State!




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