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Recent Projects

Edgerton Teen Center

Extensive renovations have been made to the former Swift Block Building in downtown Edgerton to allow the Edgerton Teen Center to move in. One of the oldest business buildings in Edgerton with much historical significance, it required gutting to the beams and floor joists. Receiving four small-scale development grants totaling $12,000 from the City of Edgerton to help with the renovation costs, many volutneer hours and hard works, the Edgerton Teen Center breathes new life into an old building.

Fulton Square - Commercial/Residential Mixed Use

A recently constructed building, Fulton Square is located in the heart of downtown. The building offers commercial, retail and office space in varying sizes to allow businesses to develop for their own use. Residential condominiums fill the top two floors of this beautiful building.



Tobacco Row Apartments - Tobacco Warehouse to Apartment Living

Located within TIF #6 in downtown Edgerton, two historic tobacco warehouses have been converted into 28 residential housing unit. Apartments range from 1-3 bedrooms. This is an excellent example of renovation and preservation of a historic building while contributing greatly to the redevelopment of Edgerton's downtown area.


Edgerton Outreach

The 18,000 square foot tobacco warehouse that houses the Edgerton Community Outreach is in the process of completing a $750,000 renovation. It will include a new ramp, elevator, ADA bathrooms, and heating and cooling system.  Receiving three small-scale development grants totaling $9,000 and a $5,000 facade grant will help the project reach completion.

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