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Winter Rules & Regulations

Remove snow from sidewalks. The owner, occupant or person in charge of each and every building or structure or unoccupied lot in the City of Edgerton fronting or abutting any street shall clean or cause to be cleaned the sidewalk in front of or adjoining each such home, building or unoccupied lot of snow or ice to the width of the sidewalk within the 24 hour period immediately following a snowfall.  When snow or ice has accumulated on any sidewalk, and cannot be removed through ordinary and reasonable effort, the persons herein referred shall cause the same to be sprinkled with salt or other suitable material so that the sidewalk area will not be unsafe or dangerous for use by pedestrians.

Winter parking rules will go into effect on November 1st of each year. Parking is not allowed on any city street or highway during a snowfall until snow is plowed back to the curb. Overnight parking in 24 hour parking lots in restricted to rear of the lots during any snowfall as posted in all lots. Parking on unplowed streets will result in a $50.00 fine



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If the City hits your mailbox, please contact the Edgerton City Hall at 608-884-3341 to place a claim for the damage. 

Each claim has a maximum replacement cost of $50.  There is one claim per season.

Street Snow Removal Policy.   The Department of Public Works will authorize an action plan for general plowing greater than two inches.  For less than two inches, salty and/or plowing may be utilized. Check out our Frequently Asked Questions  for information on the City's Snow Removal Policy.

Depositing snow on public ways.  Pushing, carrying or depositing snow or ice onto a roadway or sidewalk maintained for pedestrian or vehicular traffic is prohibited. Depositing snow or ice in the roadway or sidewalk is dangerous and could cause injury or accidents and may not allow for safe vehicular or pedestrian passage by the public. No snow or ice removed from private property shall be deposited in the public ways, or in areas expected to be cleared by personnel.



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