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Edgerton Police Department FAQs


Q. Where should I park my car during and after a snowfall to avoid a citation?


Parking on the street is prohibited until the street has been plowed completely, from curb to curb


Q. Can I park in the Municipal Parking Lot during snow removal?


​Yes, parking is allowed in the back of the Municipal parking lot (posted by signs) downtown, until the main lot is plowed. Then please move your vehicle to main lot so the City plows can remove the snow from the parking spaces also.

Stray Animals


Q. If my dog or cat leaves my yard, are they considered running at large?


Yes. As long as your pet stays on your property, the stray animal does not apply.  When your pet leaves your property, it must be on a leash and under your control.


Q. What happens my dog or cat is seen running at large?


If an Edgerton Police Office sees your pet running at large you will recieve a warning the first time. A progressive enforcement process will begin upon the first warning. If your pet is caught again running at large within 1 year, you will receive a citation for allowing an animal to run at large.  Please see Chapter 29 Animals for details.  The fines are progressive and increase in expense with each violation.


Q. What happens if my pet is caught running at large?


Your pet will be taken into custody and transported to the Edgerton Police Department. If your pet has a City of Edgerton and/or a Veternarian identification tag on his/her collar, a representative of the Edgerton Police Department will contact you by telephone.  If your pet does not have a collar on and no identification of owner can be made, the Dane County Humane Society will be contacted to be picked up and held at their facilities until the owner can be ascertained.


Q. How can I get my pet back if he/she is caught running at large?


Contact the Edgerton Police Department. A $50.00 handling fee will be charged every time an animal is handled by any Edgerton Police Department representative. If your pet has been captured, but you contact the Police Department prior to the Dane County Humane Society pick up, you can pick up your pet at the Edgerton Police Department. If your pet has been transported to the Dane County Humane Society you will be issued an Animal Control Order from the Police Department.  The Humane Society will NOT release your pet until you have this signed Animial Control Order.



Contact Information

Edgerton Police Department

215 W Fulton Street

Edgerton, WI 53534



8:00 AM - 5:00 PM


Emergency :911

Non-Emergency :

(608) 884-3321

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