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Joint Municipal Court FAQs


Q.  When and where is court held?

A.    Court is held at the Edgerton City Hall, 12 Albion St., Edgerton, WI  53534 and begins at 6:00 PM.  


Q.  What citations do the Edgerton Joint Municipal Court handle?

A.  City and township ordinance and non-criminal traffic citations for the City of Edgerton, Town of Albion and Town of Fulton.


Q.  I have received a citation and have been issued a court date to the Edgerton Joint Municipal Court.   Do I have to appear in court?

A.  Only if the appearance is marked mandatory or if you want to plea not guilty.  If the appearance is not mandatory and you do not want to plea not guilty, you may post the amount of the deposit (also known as a bond) listed on the ticket prior to the court date.


Q.  Where and how do I pay the deposit (bond)?

A.  You can pay in person at the Edgerton Police Department, 215 W. Fulton St., Edgerton, WI during normal business hours or put it in the night deposit drop-box.  Or you may mail the deposit to the Police Department.   If paying in person, please bring the citation with you.  If paying by drop-box or mail, it is best to include a copy of the citation but at least make sure to include your name, citation number and offense.   Checks can be made payable to the “City of Edgerton.”  Make sure that the payment is received before your court date.


Q.  How do I plead not guilty?

A.  Appear in court on your court date to enter your plea.  A trial date will then be assigned to you.  The trial will not be conducted on the initial appearance date.  Not guilty pleas are also accepted by mail by sending to the court at 12 Albion St., Edgerton, Wi  53534 but must be received prior to your court date.


Q.  Can I get an attorney appointed by the court to represent me?

A.  No, offenses handled in municipal court are civil, not criminal.  However, you may hire your own attorney at your own cost to represent you in your case.


Q.  What will happen if I do not appear on my court date or pay the bond prior to the court date?

A.  The court will enter a judgment against you in default because of your non-appearance.  Penalties will be imposed and the court will give you 60 days to pay the fine for the citation(s).  You will receive a judgment in the mail with the fine amount(s) and the due date.  As indicated in the judgment, if you are not able to pay the fine by the date due, you must appear in court on the due date and time to talk to the judge.  Telephone calls requesting an extension are not accepted.


Q.  Can I make payments?

A.  Yes, you can pay as much and as often as you would like as long as the fine is paid in full by the due date.  If it is not paid in full by the due date, you must appear in court on the due date and time to talk to the judge.  Telephone calls requesting an extension are not accepted.


Q.  If I decide to appear in court, what will happen?

A.  At your initial court date, the judge will ask you to make a plea to the charge(s).  There are three pleas:   Guilty, no contest and not guilty.  The judge will explain what each plea means.  If you plea not guilty, your case will be set for trial at a later date.


Q. Can I get my fine or points reduced if I appear in court?

A.  Only a plea is taken at your initial court appearance.  You can plead not guilty to the charge(s) and you will be directed to have a pre-trial conference with the prosecuting attorney.   Do not contact the prosecuting attorney prior to your initial court date.   Please remember that the prosecuting attorney is not your attorney and represents the interests of either the City or Township.  If you want legal representation, you may hire your own attorney at your own cost to represent you.


Q.  I missed my court date and was found guilty in default but I want to contest the charge.  What can I do?

A.  The judge has entered a judicial order against you so it cannot be undone.   Cases can be reopened by the judge for good cause.   Motions to reopen must be in writing to the Edgerton Joint Municipal Court, 12 Albion St., Edgerton, WI  53534.  The motion should include your name, citation number, offense and reason for the request.   Please be as specific as possible.  The judge will either rule directly on the motion or may schedule a hearing on your request to reopen.  You will receive a written reply to your request.


Q. After trial, I was found guilty and I don’t agree with the decision.  What can I do?

A.  You have the right to appeal the decision to the circuit court upon payment of proper fees.  Information regarding the appeal fees and procedures is provided at the time of the judgment.


Q.  I did not pay my fine on time and did not appear in court on the due date to ask for an extension.   Now what?

A.  The judge has the ability to use various collection methods.  The judge can order the suspension of your driver’s license for up to two-years or until the fine is paid; and/or can order that any state tax refund be intercepted to pay your fines; and/or can order that you be committed to jail for a certain number of days.  Wage garnishments and collection agencies can also be used.


Q.  My driver’s license has been suspended for non-payment and I really need my license, is there anything I can do?

A.  The judge has entered a judicial order against you so either the fine has to be paid in full or you can come to the next court session to talk to the judge to discuss the matter.


Q.  I received notice that my tax refund is being intercepted to pay for my fines.  If I pay the fines at the police department, will the interception be stopped?


A.  No, after the interception has begun, it will not be stopped.  Payment at the police department will result in duplicate payments.  You will be refunded for the duplicate payment but because of the payment voucher process, your reimbursement may take up to one month.  It is better to avoid duplicate payments.


Any other questions can be directed to:

Lori Irmen

Clerk of Court

12 Albion St.

Edgerton, WI  53534

(608)884-2671 ext. 208

Contact Information

               Lori Irmen

            Clerk of Court

12 Albion Street

Edgerton, WI 53534

(608)884-2671 ext. 208





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